Monday, February 04, 2008

Wockhardt Received Patent For Antibacterial NCE

Mumbai-based biotech company Wockhardt has recently received an Indian Patent No. 213142 for antibacterial NCE against the mail-box application no. 3/MUMNP/2005 filed on July 10, 2003. The published abstract of the application (u/s 11A of the Patents Act, 1970) reads as –

The present invention provides agents having high antimicrobial activity for preventing and treating infectious diseases. Thus, the present invention provides novel cyano-(substituted)-methylenepiperidinophenyl oxazolidinone derivatives, processes for making the compounds, as well as antimicrobial compositions containing said derivatives as active ingredients and methods of treating bacterial infections with the said derivatives.

Referring corresponding PCT publication WO2004007489, the antibacterial compounds are cyano-(substituted)-methylenepiperidinophenyl oxazolidinones. Interestingly, Wockhardt is having a strong research pipeline for anti-bacterial drug targets, with few already in clinical trails which include phase II WCK 771 (arginine salt of S (-) nadifloxacin), phase I WCK 2349 (oral prodrug of WCK 771), phase I WCK 1152 (enantiomer of another drug target WCK 919). Wockhardt’s other antibacterial drug targets in preclinical trails include WCK 2370, WCK 2664, WCK 1734, WCK 919 and WCK 1153 (enantiomer of WCK 919).

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