Thursday, February 28, 2008

Latest in News

· Tarceva Patent Re-issue Application: OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. filed an application to reissue US Patent No. 5,747,498 for Erlotinib, the active ingredient in anti-cancer drug Tarceva. Read.

· Genentech Patent for Cabilly rejected fourth time: United States Patent & Trademark Office has issued rejection action against Genentech’s Cabilly patent. Read.

· Sun Pharma Challenged J&J Drug patent: Sun Pharmaceuticals filed a post-grant opposition against Janssen’s Risperidone extended release version. Read.

· MNCs’ Diabetes Drug Patents Worry Experts: Business Standard reports exclusive story over diabetes drug patents in India. Read.

· Barr Challenge Glaxo’s Prostate Drug Avodart: Barr made paragraph IV certification for Glaxo prostate drug Avodart, generically known as dutasteride. Read.

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