Monday, February 11, 2008

Patent Circle Building Gravity

Brett Trout of BlawgIT lately posted his Patent Meme mentioning that “there are lots of blogrolls out there, but almost all include non-patent related blogs or patent blogs which have not been updated for months.” Stating, “if only I could have a link to all the important patent law blogs in one place”, Brett listed down his important patent law blogs which also include Patent Circle. This is obviously a great feeling and a sense of pride that fellow US patent attorney recognize Patent Circle as one of the important patent law blogs and includes in likes of Patent Baristas (my favourite), Patent Docs (top-class), Orange Book Blog (not to be missed), Patently-O (extraordinary) and Patent Prospector (best in the class). Thank you Brett for recognizing and including Patent Circle in your invaluable p-meme!

Not only fellow bloggers are recognizing the spirit of Patent Circle, but also India’s leading business newspapers are keeping track of our interesting posts. India’s premier business newspaper Economic Times has lately covered a story on antiretroviral drug Etravirine, which brought into notice by one of our earlier posts. Earlier, another leading business newspaper Business Standard covered a story on global pharma seeking cancer drug patents, which was also moved by one of our earlier post. Even, Business Standard covered an exclusive story on bloggers driving India’s IPR regime and recognized Patent Circle as one of the blog for separating the wheat from the chaff in the flood of intellectual property related information.

We would like to thank all our readers for their support, encouragement and involvement. We are committed to contribute to the area of patents, will continue to bring latest updates, critical analysis and unbiased stories from the world of patents and will keep building presence of India’s first patent law blog on the global platform. We surely appreciate your views, comments and suggestions on any of our posts. Your feedback not only helps identifying our low points but also encourage pushing the envelope to make Patent Circle a reliable and authentic source. If you feel Patent Circle has managed to build a niche and has contributed to add value to your knowledge and information base, please do let us know at or

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