Friday, January 18, 2013

ManagingIP “India IP and Innovation Forum 2013” Conference, New Delhi

ManagingIP will hold its 2nd India IP and Innovation Forum 2013 in New Delhi on March 07, 2013 following the inaugural success in 2012. The conference is designed open and free for corporate patent/IP counsels though private practitioners need to pay registration fee.

The conference agenda is as follows.

The Indian Patent Act and Software patentability
  • Implications of the Indian Patent Act for corporations
  • Contentions surrounding software patents
  • Indian patent wars and Smartphone wars
  • An overview of patentable software in India: How to meet requirements
Developing your IP strategy and monetizing your portfolio
  • Aligning your IP portfolio with the border business strategy of your company: What is needed in order to effectively build and maintain a thriving profit centre?
  • Conducting and applying IP valuation
  • Transactional matters and IP management: licensing; M&A, purchasing others portfolios, due diligence and insightful budgeting
  • Open innovation and trade secret protection: Promote development; prevent theft
Identifying challenges in the IP industry and determining how they can be addressed
  • Grey market goods and parallel importation: Dell and Samsung scrutinized
  • Strengthening domestic IP: Why and how?
  • Guidance on establishing good documentation on the extent to which each patent has been worked within your company
Litigation in Life Sciences: Lesson learnt from recent cases
  • The compulsory license over Nexavar
  • Cipla’s victory in the Delhi High Court: What are the long term legal ramifications?
  • An examination of the Glivec hearings in Supreme Court
Monetising the Indian pharmaceuticals industry
  • Focused guidance on maximizing the business potential of pharmaceutical patents
  • Conducting thorough valuation of pharmaceuticals and biotech patents
US Focus: An overview of the America Invents Act
  • Has the AIA addressed the problem of pendency? Is so how?
  • How has the AIA addressed excessive enforcement costs?
  • Over all reflection of the US patents industry: The impact upon Indian corporations
Protecting trademark and copyright
  • Defend against infringement online and in the digital domain
  • Registering non-traditional marks in India: secure your imaginative branding
  • Tips for successful trademark and copyright litigation
Registration fee: USD 1095 (early bird) only for private practitioners. Free for corporate IP/patent counsels. To register, visit the conference website. Patent Circle is a Media Partner of this event.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

CPhI “2nd Annual Pharma IPR India 2013” Conference, Mumbai

CPhI India will hold its 2nd Annual Pharma IPR India 2013 in Mumbai from April 10-12, 2013. The three-day conference will focus and discuss on patent regimes and market entry strategies of over 10 countries including Brazil, China, Europe, Korea, South Africa, Russia, South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand) and the US. Key aspects that are likely to be discussed in the conference include.

  • America Invents Act
  • Paragraph IV filings
  • Patent regime
  • Patentability
  • Patent Extension Term
  • Exclusive Applicability
  • How to develop for emerging markets
  • STO Analysis
  • Infringement case laws
  • Early market approvals
  • Entry to market and techno-legal aspect explanations
Registration fee: INR 55,000 plus taxes.

To register or to avail special and early bird discount, visit the conference website. Patent Circle is a Media Partner of this event. Readers of Patent Circle are entitled to 10% off the current conference price.