Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Patent Updates: 33rd Annual Report

According to 33rd Annual Report as published under Section 155 of the Patents Act 1970 (2004-2005), under Section 5(2) (also referred as Mail-box provision) altogether 8,926 patent applications were received, 3,770 of which were through PCT National Phase route. Further, out of the total of 8,926 patent applications 973 were in respect of agrochemicals and rest from drugs and pharmaceuticals. The total number of patents granted in 2004-2005 was 1,911 which included 67 patents for Food, 192 to Drug or Medicine, 414 to Mechanical, 245 to Electrical, 573 to Chemical and 278 on General. Total 6,857 patents were in force on the 31st March 2005.

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