Saturday, January 13, 2007

Indian Engineer to Trigger First-to-Invent Objection against U.S. Patent

Srinivasan Gopalalkrishnan, an Indian Engineer recently objected that USPTO has issued a U.S. patent of a technology developed by him to another inventor. He claims to have developed a special fuel synthesizer for which Indian (IN200286) and British patent (GB2397782) are already been secured by him. He further added that he had filed PCT application (WO Publication WO03076790) in 2002. He is already in the process of procuring equivalent US application (US20040245085) via PCT national phase. He said, “However, the US Patent & Trademark Office has granted patent to a US inventor on August 22, 2006 though I filed for a PCT national phase patent in the US on April 30, 2004.” Accordingly, Srinivasan has moved to Indian Innovators’ Association. However, to prove his just Inventorship, Srinivasan need to trigger First-to-Invent objection, needing to prove that he is first to conceive the invention and subsequently to reduce it to practice. Such objection would require USPTO to institute an interference proceeding between Srinivasan and US inventor.

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  1. Dear Varun
    Article is good but it seems some information is missing such as US patent number of the inventor whom USPTO issue the patent. If it is possible to provide that number then it is good to understand the misunderstanding?