Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pune-based drug discovery Co. files US patents for treating diabetes mellitus

Indus Biotech, a Pune-based drug discovery company, has filed a series of U.S. patent applications for a synergistic composition obtained from fenugreek seeds (methi) for treating diabetes. According to the disclosure made in patent applications, composition comprises trigonelline, amino acids, and soluble fiber which are said to be derived from fenugreek seeds which act at the pancreas through potassium channel mediated insulin secretion. Patent application disclosure further cites that the claimed composition leads to increase in the pancreas beta cell mass in a diabetic mellitus, namely diabetic type II, patients and thereby saves patients from a daily dose of insulin injections. Indus has filed three U.S. patent applications published as US20050008716, US20060134242, and US20060153937 covering compositions, process for preparation compositions, and method for treating diabetics. Indus has also filed PCT application having publication WO2004100968 to target large number of countries. However, application of fenugreek seeds in the treatment of diabetic has been traditional known in India.

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