Thursday, July 13, 2006

Black Tuesday: Yet Again Mumbai!

7/11 strikes Mumbai, the financial capital of India, sending a wave of panic among high-spirit Mumbaikers. Within few minutes Mumbai’s core transportation, or better to say Mumbai’s lifeline, came to dead end witnessing a series of bomb blast within a short span of 11 minutes. Like other Mumbaikers I was too on my way to get back home and took 5:55 pm overloaded local train from Elphinstone Road for Kandivali. I think it was around 6:26 pm when my local train was crossing Jogeshwari I heard a loud sound blast and next moment I found myself lying on adjacent railway track. For 4-5 minutes I couldn’t understand what really happened, people were panic and running here and there. It was after few minutes I realized that there was bomb blast in adjacent compartment and impact was that high it scattered whole compartment into parts. Getting back to consciousness I climbed into bombed compartment to help others, at least who are alive at that moment. But it doesn’t take too long for me to lose control over me and I started vomiting and left that place leaving behind one of the worst phase I ever witnessed. Today I am back to work with same spirit and determination but with something stamped in my mind which I would never ever forget in my entire life. Before Tuesday it was always Patent which runs in my mind but post-Tuesday there is something else which I realized that life is very precious which is uncertain. Death can anytime infringe your precious life. May be it was a narrow escape for me but that escape will change my perception for life forever.

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