Monday, March 15, 2010

Ranbaxy settles with Takeda, is Japanese connection coming into picture?

Diachii-owned Ranbaxy has lately entered into a settlement agreement with the Japanese drug manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals to end patent lawsuit for anti-diabetic drug Actos, generically known as Pioglitazone Hydrochloride. Under the terms of the agreement, Ranbaxy received non-exclusive royalty free license to Takeda’s patents covering Actos and will be able to launch the generic version in the US market on August 17, 2012. Interestingly, Ranbaxy seems to be getting business friendly with Japanese pharma companies, earlier it was Astellas for Flomax and now it is Takeda. No wonder if Japanese connection is coming into picture. Coming back to Actos, Takeda also signed similar sort of agreement with Watson to end patent lawsuits for Actos, allowing Watson to launch the generic version on August 17, 2012.

New Sources (1) the pharmaletter (2) the Economic Times

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  1. Don't think its to do with Japanese connection. Some of these products where Ranbaxy have FTF happen to have Japanese innovators. On a net basis there is a delay of generic launch now by one year given that patent post pediatric exclusivity expires somewhere in mid-2011. So wonder if we would call this positive. But then it gives clear sense of the opportunity. So yes a positive.