Sunday, March 14, 2010

Para IV lawsuit against Mylan and Famy Care for OC pills

Teva has lately filed civil actions against the generic manufacturers Mylan and Mumbai-based Famy Care Limited for infringement of US Pat No. 7,320,969 and 7,615,545 listed with the OB for oral contraceptive (OC) pills Seasonique and LoSeasonique respectively. Both Seasonique and LoSeasonique are combination of Ethinylestradiol (estrogen) and Levonorgestrel differing only in dose amount, designed for 91 days regimen cycle with 84 consecutive combination pill days followed by 7 consecutive Ethinylestradiol pill days. In past, Teva sued Watson and Lupin for both Seasonique and LoSeasonique, with Watson having the First-to-File (FTF) state for Seasonique but not very clear which generic applicant is having FTF status for LoSeasonique. The lawsuits are filed in the US District Court District of New Jersey.

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