Wednesday, December 03, 2008

High Court Ordered Re-Examination for Valcyte Patent

The Madras High Court has ordered the Chennai Patent office to re-examine Indian Patent No. 207232 issued to Roche in June 2007 for antiviral drug Valcyte, generically known as Valgancyclovir. The court decision is made in response of petition filed by a Mumbai-based NGO Lawyers Collective on the behalf of Indian Network of Positive People and the Tamil Nadu Network of People with HIV/AIDS against the Chennai Patent Office decision to grant patent for Valgancyclovir without been given an opportunity for hearing (read earlier post). Recently, Roche also filed a lawsuit against Cipla for alleged infringement of the ‘232 patent (read earlier post). There is considerable likelihood that the decision may impact ongoing case in the Mumbai High Court between Roche and Cipla, possibly going into the favor of Cipla. Girish Telang, Managing Director of Roche Scientific India said that “the court wants the patent granted on Valgancyclovir to be re-examined before January 31, 2009.”

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