Monday, December 01, 2008

Feroz Ali Pen Down The Touchstone Effect: The Impact of Pre-grant Opposition on Patents

Leading IP advocate and author of a well-known book, The Law of Patents – With a Special Focus on Pharmaceuticals in India, Feroz Ali Hader has pen down his second book on patents and this time with special emphasis on pre-grant opposition. What really catches attention in this book is the unique amalgamation of law and business management in using pre-grant opposition for business edge. The book is titled The Touchstone Effect: The Impact of Pre-grant Opposition on Patents and is focused to deal with pre-grant opposition mechanism in India and how it can be triggered and framed for business advantage. Feroz has aptly portrayed the theme on his cover page – showing gold bars with a particular gold bar reveals to be a steel bar. A pre-grant opposition can be used to scan worthy inventions and differentiate them from trivial and frivolous patent applications.

As a companion to the book, Feroz also started a blog at You will find almost every decision referred in the book (with the relevant page and chapter numbers) here which can be searched and downloaded. The book as well as the blog starts off from a case study of the famous Bajaj-TVS patent dispute. Our readers may avail special benefit, Feroz and his Publishers have come up with a great offer:

The book can be purchased online for just Rs.295/- at or As a special offer, the book will be shipped to anywhere in India for just one Rupee! The book is available for US$ 14.75 + shipping for readers/ professionals, outside India.

Particularly for overseas readers this book can be of great tool to understand how pre-grant opposition mechanism is exactly working in India and what do’s and don’ts need to be follow while filing patent applications in India, particularly for pharmaceutical inventions. Though I never had an opportunity to personally meet Feroz but have great regards for him and his writing. Patent Circle sincerely wishes him a great success for his second book.

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