Monday, June 04, 2007

Teva Moves Action for Declaratory Judgment Against Torrent

Teva has moved an action for declaratory judgment of patent infringement in the US District Court for the District of Delaware against Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. alleging that Torrent’s US DMF No. 18311 for sertraline hydrochloride and Torrent ANDA No. 77-765 for generic sertraline hydrochloride tablet would infringe one or more claims of Teva’s US Patent Nos. 6,600,073 (the ‘073 patent), 6,500,987 (the ‘987 patent), 6,495,721 (the ‘721 patent), and 6,897,340 (the ‘340 patent) covering methods for manufacturing certain crystalline forms of sertraline hydrochloride. In its complaint, Teva further moved declaratory judgment of inducement of patent infringement under 35 USC § 271.

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