Thursday, November 23, 2006

Patent iNSIGHT Pro

About Patent iNSIGHT Pro-----------------------
Patent iNSIGHT Pro is a powerful patent mining and analytics software for desktop and enterprise users. It extracts intelligence out of patent text apart from having analytics automation tool that generates various graphs and matrices in a professional Excel report automatically. Patent Insight Pro is built to complement every stage of Patent Search and Analytics process. The 4 stages as we see them are: Patent Search and Set Creation, Patent Data Cleanup and Grouping, Patent Mapping & Analytics, Report Generation and Presentation. In addition to giving you insight which are very difficult or cumbersome to acheive by manual analysis, our features are designed to complement each stage and we help you save up to more than 60-70% time spent in each stage. Patent iNSIGHT Pro supports search across multiple online databases. It can also work over data extracted from many commercial databases. Our inbuilt import tools allow you to extract information from custom sources such as Excel Sheets also. To learn more about our implementations please contact us at About Gridlogics ------------------- Gridlogics translates cutting-edge clustering, data mining and grid computing technologies into innovative products and services that allow enterprises to maximize ROI from their IT investments. Gridlogics has successfully deployed grid-computing & high-performance cluster implementations in educational institutes and commercial enterprises. Gridlogics is backed by people with extensive knowledge of Grid technologies, networking, data mining, supercomputing, distributed systems, storage and file systems. Gridlogics has multiple patents pending on its products. To learn more about our implementations please contact us at Today’s post comes from Gridlogics Technologies (P) Ltd.

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