Thursday, November 30, 2006

Indian Patent Filings Expected to Increase by 23%

Indian Patent Office is expecting to receive somewhat 30,000 patent applications in 2006-2007, around 23% more as compared to the last year which account 24,500 patent applications. The largest applications are expected at the Delhi Patent Office, and overall most of the applications continue to be from foreign companies, tentatively around 80% of total filing (read more). According to Mr. Amitava Chakraborty, Assistant Controller of Patents & Designs, in terms of number of filings the Delhi Office is likely to rank first with 12,000 applications, followed by 7,000 applications from Chennai, 6,000 from Kolkata, and the rest from Mumbai. However, the largest number of patent filings has been in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals segment, which account 50% of total applications filed, followed by IT and electronics with around 20% (read more).


  1. The number of filings are increasing, however the number of patents granted is also an crucial factor for measuring the growth of IPR in India.

  2. Indeed the number of patent granted is critical for flourishing tech commericalization and transfer in India.

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