Wednesday, August 09, 2006

National Law University Jodhpur

Recently, I saw an article regarding booming demand for and career in Intellectual Property experts in post-product patent regime. Further, mentioning that premier institutions like IIT are catching the buzz of Intellectual Property education with private-sector institutions to follow the trend. Article also mentioned that public sector institutions are conducting regular IP courses to cater the need of the hour, institutions such as IIT-Kharagpur, National Law School in Hyderabad (NALSAR), and the Universities of Allahabad and Pune. Surprisingly, the article totally missed out National Law University Jodhpur (NLUJ) which is the first University in India (probably in whole Asia) to have formal IP course modules, Masters in Intellectual Property Laws (M.I.P.) and LL.M. (IPR). Both these modules are post-graduate regular programme with specialization in IPR and started in 2000 under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) N.L. Mitra (Ex Vice Chancellor, NLUJ). NLUJ also offers five-year integrated LL.B. course with B.Sc. plus LL.B. pattern which further has extensive IP courses as their five-year course module. The education pattern of NLUJ is dynamic and well-tailored to meet current requirements with rich library to include books like Chisum on Patents, Nimmer on Copyright, World Patent Law and Practice (LexisNexis), Patent Licensing Transactions (LexisNexis), American Jurisprudence, and so on. Apart from this, NLUJ has 24x7 accesses to Westlaw and Manupatra and in addition to in-house faculties, has regular well-known visiting faculties from India and abroad. Unlike other institutions, NLUJ has kept itself away from publicizing their IP course modules and strongly believe in word-of-mouth approach. NLUities has already started making presence in the vibrating IP market with students’ penetrating both in law firms and corporate sectors to unleash their expertise and potential. Today, NLUities are working with leading law firms, KPOs, Pharmaceuticals, and MNCs. NLUJ is emerging as a centre to congregate law, science, and management with an aim to produce finest IP and Patent Attorneys/experts. Demand for IP/Patent Attorneys and experts will keep on rising in coming years but what is important to know, is that, what are the right sources that will meet the growing demand? NLUJ is right there to deliver and who can better express it than me as I am too part of NLUitie family.

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  1. I am very well aware of the thing that writter is our supersenior and right know heading one of the leading law firm based at bombay (just after one year of leaving the university).Me too is agree with whatever my senior have said that we believe in word-of-mouth approach,its not 1st time,while second time when there is any type of discrimination with NLUJ,as he said only univrsity which provides regular degree courses in IP laws.First we were socked when india today kept us out of their top ten's list of indian law university,but for that we know the reason,as we did not allow their correspondent to come in the campus,as everybody must be aware of the thing that what they ask for and we were not in favour of that at all,as foundation of our university also does not allow us to do that.In brief,this university havent get a single coin from govt or somwhere else till the date and each and every brick of this university is arranged by the fees paid by students only so everybody can perceive that for what aim we are running and what standard we are maintaining.Now,we are hearing same thing again,realy it is very dispressing,IITs might come good- one, anyday in future but till the date we can assert that they do not stand anywhere before NLUJ where a technolegal education is served by their experienced teachers.How IITs can get front page of these magzines when still they are strugling for commencing their courses,even it is not easy to get faculty for IPR and then having expertise in technolegal teaching is another thing, only having technical knowledge is not every thing.I am not criticizing here to IITs,in future they may give good products but as we are talking about present time reality should be brought before people.To your notice as NLU has started now to expulsing their products in the market,within very short span of time you will find heading most of the offices of law firms,MNCs,companies,LPOs the NLUitess only.Where media is needed to highlight the issues like where these new products should work and what menner they can work better for india & what purpose these national law institutes have been established,they are focusing just on getting fame and earn money by jeopardizing the national intersest.
    I think still we can hear the song "Kabutat Ja JA...anywhere being played and thus in past people used to send their love letter with them(kabutars) and now guess what will happen if same letters you send through these same kabutars,i mean through media (as earlier only Kabutars were the source of information transportation or media)i think definitely you will lose your love,so media is requested not to comeupp in ths disguised way.