Thursday, August 03, 2006

Clash of the Titans

Novo Nordisk, the world leader in diabetes care has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the world leading pharmaceutical company – Pfizer alleging that the Pfizer’s inhalable insulin product Exubera, infringes over Novo Nordisk’s patents. The lawsuit is filed in the United States Federal Court in the Southern District of New York asserting willful infringement of patents by Pfizer and seeking compensatory damages. After filing lawsuit, Novo also stated that it intends to file a motion for preliminary injunction seeking a court order that would prohibit Pfizer from selling Exubera while the lawsuit is in progress. Exubera is developed by Nektar Therapeutics which later granted exclusively license to Pfizer to market Exubera. However, this infringement move is still in the initial stage and most likely to be resolved outside court but in case, if it process further into deep patent litigation than it may well turn out to be Clash of the Titans.

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