Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Journey called TRIPS Compliance

April 1994 Indian signs the Marrakesh Agreement. Join the World Trade Organization (WTO) as a founding member. December 1994 The President of India on 31 December 1994 promulgated the Patents (Amendment) Ordinance, 1994. Feature initiated: Mailbox mechanism – pharma or agro-chemical products under article 70.8 (a) of TRIPS Agreement. January 1995 The WTO comes into force. March 1995 Ordinance 1994 lapsed on March 26, 1995. During this period 125 product patent applications filed. Amendment Bill 1995 introduced in the Loksabha. May 1996 Bill 1995 referred to a Select committee of the House for examination and report. The Patent (Amendment) Bill 1995 lapses with the dissolution of the 10th Loksabha on 10 May 1996. April 1997 Cases against India (for non-compliance of TRIPS) at the WTO initiated by the US and EC. March 1999 Bill 1999 passed on March 26, 1999 with retrospective effect from January 1, 1995. May 2002 Patent (Second Amendment) Act, 2002 comes into force on May 20, 2003. December 2003 Patent (Third Amendment) Bill, 2003 introduced in Rajya Sabha. January 2005 Third Amendment Ordinance came into force on January 01, 2005. March 2005 On March 23, 2005 Rajya Sabha passes the Patent (Amendment) Bill, 2005 April 2005 On April 5, 2005 President of India gave assent to Patents (Amendment) Bill, 2005. May 2006 Government of India on May 11, 2006 notified Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2006.
Compiled by Seema Singh, Patent Attorney working with Mumbai-based Pharmaceutical Company. (Email ID: seemasingh_27@yahoo.com)

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