Friday, January 08, 2010

Google received Indian patent for advertising business method

Google added yet another patent in its advertising business method patent portfolio in India by protecting patent for serving content-targeted ads in emails newsletter based on publisher unique content identifier in the email content. The Chennai Patent Office lately published the Indian Patent No. 237567 issued to Google, Inc. for method and apparatus for determining content-relevant ads in emails. The patent is issued against the Application No. 1568/CHENP/2006 filed May 05, 2006 claiming priority from the US Provisional Application No. 60/509,164 which matured into US Patent No. 7,203,684. Google has been expanding its patent portfolio in India and already secured the following Indian patents for advertising business method.

236879 Determining and/or using local location information in an ad system

236106 Method and apparatus for facilitating the serving of ads having different characteristics

235451 Improving advertisement approval

230673 A method of using concepts for ad targeting

227221 Serving advertisements using a search of advertiser web information

226617 A method of serving one or more ads to a user device and an apparatus thereof

225041 Method of determining relevant advertisements

224942 An apparatus for delivering advertising

223351 Serving advertisements using information associated with e-mail

222680 A method of serving advertisements based on content

220065 Methods and apparatus for serving relevant advertisement

219140 A method and apparatus for serving content relevant advertisement with client side device support

208446 A computerized advertisement distribution and delivery system

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