Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cipla Files Post-Grant Opposition for Lapatinib Patent

After Erlotinib and Sorafenib, Cipla is targeting yet another anticancer drug Lapatinib marketed by Glaxo under the brand name Tykerb. Moneycontrol reports that Cipla has filed a post grant opposition against Lapatinib patent on grounds of obviousness and lack of inventiveness. Cipla CEO Amar Lulla said: “If we win the opposition, we will begin production of the product, Lapatinib, immediately and launch it within a couple of months. It will also be priced substantially lower than what GSK charges in India.” Last year we hinted that Cipla may possibly target patented drugs, mostly tyrosine kinase inhibitors.


  1. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I seemed to see that Moneycontrol itself had taken the news item from 'pharmasianews' or some site.

    This was being acknowledged even by Moneycontrol [i.e. CNBC TV 18 on the TV news ticker].

  2. Good to see that atleast one generic company of India is having an aggressive opposition strategy for frivolous patents and making the life saving drug available to general public at affordable rates...

  3. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Hi, a question unrelated to the topic.
    Can you let me know how pany patented drugs have been launched so far in India (post 2005 regime). I hrd it was about 30. Any data base for this?

  4. I dont understand one thing, Cipla has always been a risk-averse company, no Para IV in US, not even Para IIIz, then how it has turned so aggressive in domestic market.