Tuesday, January 15, 2008

IPO Scoreboard

IPO Scoreboard will track number of patents issued by the Indian Patent Office (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai) from January 2008 onwards, and will also bring some analytical figures and numbers related to key assignees and patents. Although numbers represented here are carefully monitored, but still need to be double checked before making any possible remarks and forecasts. We hope readers’ will find it useful and interesting monitoring IPO scoreboard. So, let’s get started with few quick facts about the Indian Patent Office.

² There are four Patent Offices in India located in Delhi (Northern region), Mumbai (Central region), Kolkata (Eastern region) and Chennai (Southern region).

² Patent Offices along with Trademark Registry are situated in huge state-of-the-art Boudhik Sampada Bhawan.

² Every Friday morning, the Patent (Official) Gazette is published by the Patent Office.

² Recently Indian Patent Office made e-filing of patent and trademark applications operational.

² In Hindi, Patent is referred as Ekaswa and Intellectual Property as Boudhik Sampada.

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