Thursday, April 05, 2007

Product Patent Update

Novartis has obtained an Indian Patent Number 202283 titled Benzothiadiazoles and derivatives against Indian Application Number IN/PCT/2000/233/CHE filed February 01, 1999 claiming earliest priority from British patent application dated February 03, 1998 published as GB 9802251. The ‘283 patent has equivalent US Patent Number 6,756,367 (the ‘367 patent). The compounds exemplified in the ‘367 patent disclosures exhibits antagonistic activity at CRF1 receptors. Chennai Patent Office has issued an Indian Patent Number 203560 titled New heterocyclic compounds, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them. The ‘560 patent is assigned to Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories against its Indian Application Number 1147/MAS/1998. F. Hoffman La Roche has received an Indian Patent Number 203568 titled Dihydro-benzo [b][1, 4] diazepin-2-one derivatives as MGLUR2 antagonists II against Indian Application Number 1610/CHENP/2003 filed April 02, 2002. The ‘568 patent claims earliest priority from European patent application dated April 12, 2001 against which EP 1379511 (the ‘511 patent) is published. The compounds exemplified in the ‘511 patent disclosure are metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists and used for the treatment or prevention of acute and/or chronic neurological disorders.

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