Monday, February 05, 2007

Merckle receives Indian Patent for 4-Pyridyl-and 2, 4-pyrimidinyl-substituted pyrrole derivatives

German MNC --- Merckle GmbH has recently received an Indian Patent Number 203540 (the ‘540 patent) titled “4-Pyridyl-and 2, 4-pyrimidinyl-substituted pyrrole derivatives and their use in pharmacy against the Indian application number IN/PCT/2002/1337/CHE. The ‘540 patent is directed to a 4-pyridyl- or 2, 4-pyrimidinyl-substituted compound of formula I and the optical isomers, physiological tolerable salts and physiologically easily hydrolyzable esters thereof. The U.S. equivalent of the ‘540 patent --- explicitly discloses list of 24 representative compounds covered within the structural scope of general formula I (Table 1). Patent Details Patent Number: IN203540 Application Number: IN/PCT/2002/1333/CHE International Filing Date: January 31, 2001 Priority Date: February 01, 2000
Priority Document: DE 100 04 157.4 Priority Country: Germany Assignee: Merckle GmbH U.S. Equivalent: U.S. 6,867,211 WO Publication Number: WO2001057042

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