Saturday, December 23, 2006

India BigPatents - An initiative for building Indian Patent Search Database!

Recently Professor Bhaven Sampat of the International Center for Health Outcomes and innovation Research (InCHOIR) and the Department of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University referred me about his initiative to provide a complete, searchable (and free!) database, India BigPatents of post TRIPS Indian patent applications and issued patents. The database is created by Professor together with Patrick Crosby of XB Labs LLC and According to BigPatents official website, the bulk of the data was parsed from the Indian patent journals, beginning with those published in January, 2005, using proprietary algorithms developed by XB Labs. Data not parsable via programming were hand coded by Digital Divide Data, a non-profit social enterprise offering data entry services. BigPatents is currently working on several enhancements including – Links from Indian applications to corresponding international applications (which I think is quite useful in tracking corresponding foreign applications, particularly when Indian patents/patent applications are difficult to trace/digitalize without the help of Indian Patent Office.) Links from the Indian application data on India BigPatents to relevant page (pages) in the Indian Patent Office Journal (however I feel there seems to be no need of doing this but may be useful to check authenticity of information) Weekly links to new applications and patents by firm name, and a weekly email newsletter summarizing the same (I think it is quite handy particularly for Indian pharma companies) User guides on “How to Search for Indian Applications and Patents” and “How to find Indian Applications for Drugs on the FDA’s Orange Book” (I hope Indian pharmaceutical companies would be happy to have such feature) Patent Circle greatly appreciates the initiative by Professor Bhaven Sampat and Patrick Crosby, especially when Indian Government miserably fails to come with any viable solution. Keep up rolling!


  1. Thanks Professor, it is really very useful thing. Till date there are no databases which gives accurate information about Indian patents, we are really thankful to you

  2. The India Patent Data Extracts cover the Patent Number, Patent Title, Application Date, Application Number, Publication Number, Publication Date, Assignee, Inventor, Main IPC, Specific IPC Classes, Abstract, a link to the Patent Image if available, and information relating to Patent Family Data and a link to one of the Family Patents. Full text of one Family Patent can be viewed if available. The report can be generated either for specific Assignee or one of the 622 Main IPC classes.

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