Friday, August 20, 2010

Cipla knocks down key patent blocking i-pill

In another post-grant opposition decided earlier this month, the Mumbai Patent Office revoked Indian Patent Number 202297 issued to Richter Gedon protecting emergency contraceptive pill containing 1.5mg Levonorgestrel, the active ingredient of Cipla’s money spinner i-pill (recently sold to Piramal Healthcare) and Mankind’s Unwanted 72. The ‘297 patent was issued against the Indian Patent Application Number 1119/MUMNP/2003 filed on December 09, 2003. The post-grant opposition was filed by Cipla on February 05, 2008 and hearing was fixed on May 03, 2010. During the hearing, Cipla contested the novelty, prior public use, lack of inventive step, section 3(d), section 3 (e), enablement requirement and failure to disclosed information u/s section 8. The Controller found Cipla’s arguments regarding novelty, lack of inventive step, section 3(d) and section persuasive and subsequently ordered revocation of the ‘297 patent. The ‘297 patent is one of the two patents protecting 1.5mg Levonorgestrel, other is IN206098 issued against the Application Number 75/MUMNP/2004.

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