Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kolkata Patent Office Issued Arzoxifene Polymorph Patent to Eli Lilly

Lately Kolkata Patent Office issued an Indian Patent No. 225209 to Eli Lilly & Co. for crystalline non-solvated anhydrous Arzoxifene. The ‘209 patent titled “A crystalline non-solvated anhydrous form 6-hydroxy-3-(4-[2-piperdin-1-yl) ethoxy] phenoxy)-2-(4-methoxyphenyl) benzo [b] thiophene hydrochloride” is published in Official Journal of the Patent Office (Issue no. 45/2008 dated 07/11/2008). Arzoxifene is a new molecule under clinical development in the family of selective oestrogen receptor modules (SERMs), estogren agonists/antagonists reported to be comparatively more potent and bioavaliable than raloxifene. Patent Circle interestingly noticed that Lilly had been fairly successful in prosecuting and convincing Indian Patent Office (IPO) for polymorph and salt patent applications. Last year Lilly got Indian Patent Nos. 208799 (for non-solvated crystalline raloxifene) and 220287 (for olanzapine pamoate salt and pharmaceutically acceptable solvate thereof).

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